Find out about the success stories of our clients’ by reading the stories behind them

Each step of the process describes how our audio guide has helped their clients to succeed with enhancing their museum visitor experience

“Our objective is to get the message across, promoting life onboard the USS Midway Museum and our mission; to become America’s Living Symbol of Freedom”

“The Amsterdam Museum brings the city’s history alive, shares its identity to challenge inhabitants and visitors to create a deeper relationship with the city”.

“We want to share our story with all our visitors and offer them the option to immerse themselves in the destination”

“Combining visual and audio aspects enhanced the visitor experience and engaged visitors with the story from the very beginning.” 

Photo by Sandra Socha

“Enhancing the visitors experience by adding the voice of the artist to guide the visitors through the exhibition”

“Working together with the client to connect exhibition visitors’ with 60 years of Flemish & Dutch Music, allowing visitors to enjoy 300 music fragments”.

“The Podcatcher is included in the price of the museum ticket. Visitors were very happy with the ease of use of the Podcatcher and the exciting audio tour.”

“The organisation sought a way to provide the visitor with information without drawing attention from the works of art.”