Between 2 October 2019 and 2 February 2020, Europalia in BOZAR (Brussels) held a retrospective exhibition dedicated to the most influential sculptor of the twentieth century: Constantin Brancusi. 

“The organisation sought a way to provide the visitor with information without drawing attention from the works of art.”


  • Information tool to adapt to the exhibition's scenography
  • No disruption in the exhibition scenography
  • Focus attention on the art
  • User friendly for visitors & staff


  • Audio tour stops worked into the labels of the artworks
  • An undistracting audio guide
  • Focus on audio with the Podcatcher
  • Easy technology for visitors & staff


  • 45% audio guide pick-up rate
  • 50,000 tours played
  • 115,000 total exhibition visitors
  • Access to data collection, data analysis
  • 300 Podcatchers, later increased to 400

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The exhibition was the artist’s first solo show in twenty-five years and was organised as part of the biennial Europalia arts festival, which was completely dedicated to its host country in 2019, Romania. The exhibition collected outstanding works by Brancusi from museums and private collections around the world, demonstrating the evolution of the sculptor over the years.   For the first time, Europalia used the Guide ID Podcatcher for this exhibition.

The exhibition provided an overview of Brancusi’s oeuvre and included works that had never been displayed in public before.

The exhibition scenography was designed in a way that emphasised the perception of the sculptures and how they function within the space. The visitor was able to walk around and experience the interplay of light and space with the artwork. It was therefore essential that the information tool disrupted that experience as little as possible.


The Europalia team opted for the Podcatcher. In the past, the organisation had worked with audio tours with a touchscreen device, but they were now keen to place the emphasis on audio in order to encourage visitors to make greater use of their eyes.

With the emphasis on audio, the visitor was able to focus attention on the art, the additional texts and the videos in the rooms.

The Podcatcher also stands out for its simplicity and ease of use. As the iDentifiers could be used flexibly within the labels, disruption to the scenography was kept to a bare minimum. The content for the audio tour was developed by the Europalia staff themselves.


The simple Podcatcher system and the content of the audio tour were greatly appreciated by the public.

Bravo ! Excellent travail expositif. Je n’ai jamais visité avant une expo si réussie et respectueuse de l’œuvre et la sensibilité de l’artiste. La lumière, couleur, distribution, densité, audioguide, activités pour enfants… sont parfaits ! MERCI

A beautiful, informative exhibition! Accessible to those of us (such as myself) who are interested in art but do not know a great deal. Kudos to the makers of the audio guide and the writers of the texts.[…]

Thank you very much for the great audio guides: they were concise, informative and challenged us to walk around discovering the sculptures and photographs around the main pieces. Bravo! Josefina & her 10-year-old daughter.

Guide ID’s analytics gives staff some important insights into the success of the Podcatcher audio guide.

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Exhibition visitors

Positive reviews from visitors

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Audio Guide pick-up rate
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In over 90% of cases 20 of the 25 stops are listened to all the way through

Most listened languages: French & Dutch

49,758 Podcatchers were lent out of which 45% were NL, 10% EN and 45% FR

25 audio stops. Visitors listen to between 15 and 20 stops on average