“Enhancing the visitor experience by adding the voice of the artist to guide guests through the exhibition” 

In order to enhance visitor experience at the “Wim Wenders – instant stories” exhibition it is necessary to deliver an audio guide which brings Wim Wenders’ voice alive.


Photo by David von Becker
  • 1st time with an audio guide implementation
  • Audio tour access only through SoundCloud
  • Dependency on an APP or visitors’ own device
  • Absence of online analytics
  • Multiple languages


Photo by Sandra Socha
  • Monitor audio guide usage costs
  • Optimize audio tour usage
  • Easy implementation process for the staff
  • Easy technology for visitor & staff
  • Visible metrics of tour usage


Photo by Sandra Socha
  • Cost efficient due to analytics
  • Higher employee satisfaction
  • Back-up decision making through analytics
  • Return of investment
  • 6% of guests using the audio tour

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Photo by David von Becker

C|O Berlin has earned  its place as one of the most popular exhibition spaces in Berlin. 18 years after the foundation of C|O Berlin, a new challenge arose.

In 2018, C|O Berlin was preparing to bring the “Wim Wenders-instant stories” exhibition from London to Berlin.

The exhibition is characterized by having Wim Wenders himself telling the story behind each polaroid. However, Wim Wenders’ voice over was in SoundCloud with only 1 language available, English.

The question for the C|O Berlin team was how to bring Wim Wenders’ voice over in different languages through hardware, where visitors can access the voice over without bringing their own device.


An accessible and agile solution was needed to fulfill C|O Berlin’s requirements. With only two months implementation time before the start of the exhibition, the pressure was on.  Before choosing Guide ID’s audio guides, other alternatives were sought, however many solutions were unreliable to guarantee visitor experience satisfaction.  Access to Wim Wenders’ audio was something that the exhibition space needed to get to ensure the best experience for their visitors

Photo by Sandra Socha

The first introduction between C|O Berlin and Guide ID was at the City Museum of Berlin (Stadmuseum Berlin), where they use the Podcatcher for their exhibition.

Different factors need to be present in order to bring a whole team to agree, each department with different concerns. However, the Podcatcher was able to provide a solution for everyone in the team. It was the player design, cost and easy to use technology what brought the team together to agree.

The challenge was overcome, the new audio tour system didn’t rely on the exhibition space’s internet connection or the visitor’s own devices to have access to the audio tour with two language options. For the on-board process of the audio tour system, the team received the equipment by post, it was an easy job to integrate it to the exhibition space. Technology can sound challenging, on the other hand, this wasn’t a problem for C|O Berlin as Guide ID’s easy technology takes away the myth. 


Wim Wenders’ exhibition had a 3 month duration, it was the first time for C|O Berlin to implement an audio guide to their exhibitions. After the first use of the devices the results were visible.

0 %
Audio guide pick- up rate

The most important goal was achieved, bringing Wim Wender’s message to as many visitors as possible.  The visitors were satisfied with the implementation of the audio guides represented by a 6% of pick-up rate.

Higher employee satisfaction

In addition, C|O Berlin’s staff also benefited, by providing a technology that makes their work easier leading to a higher employee satisfaction.

Back-up decision making through analytics

Cut unncessary costs

The access to visitor analytics data has helped C|O Berlin to determine the amount of audio guides they need, thus cutting unnecessary costs to the exhibition. Other decisions like content length, audio tour languages to select and detecting the most popular stops of the exhibition have been backed up by the analytics available with the Guide ID platform.