Case Study

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Fourteen years after the USS Midway successfully opened to the public, the guest experience started to decline; the USS Midway started facing complications with their audio players.

For a period of two years the aircraft carrier saw complications with getting maintenance on the audio guides and experienced continued difficulties in getting repairs. This situation had a direct effect on their visitors as the supply of audio guides was not large enough for the demand. The waiting lines were long while the staff was feeling frustrated and having a difficult time. They felt like they were spending more time helping visitors with the audio guides instead of focusing on the guest experience.

Additionally, making any changes to their tours meant high expenses since they didn’t have control over the content. With no data capture capabilities, it was hard to get insights on what their visitors were listening to on the audio tour.

Due to the size of this aircraft carrier, the tour experience often runs 3 to 4 hours. Therefore the new audio player needed to be comfortable for the guests to carry around while exploring this impressive vessel.

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