“Working together with the client to connect exhibition visitors’ with 60 years of Flemish & Dutch Music, allowing visitors to enjoy 300 music fragments”.

“Lang leve de muziek” an exhibition that brings 60 years of Flemish & Dutch music to life, surrounded by memorable TV moments, anecdotes and more than 300 music fragments”.


  • 391 stops & 16 hours of content in stereo
  • 25 music fragments in one room
  • Synchronize audio & video
  • An interactive audio guide device for games & quizzes


  • Multiple A/V points of information in 1 room
  • Jukebox – interactive tour with games
  • Jukebox – select and play multiple music tracks
  • Flexible software for the selection of A / B through the audio guide player


  • Visitor interactive experience
  • Customized solution for the client
  • New product features to meet client needs
  • Easy technology for the visitor

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Photo by Piece Montee

“Lang leve de muziek” was produced by the agencies: Piece Montee & Tijdsbeeld and Historische Huizen Ghent; in collaboration with VRT (Flemish Radio and Television Broadcaster), this production has been one of the most ambitious of the area. Alongside with ambition, expectations were high.

What was next to come was a collaboration between client and supplier, to find the best option for visitors to experience 60 years of Flemish & Dutch music.

The exhibition had 391 stops with a total of 16 hours of content in stereo. An average of 25 music fragments per room. The amount of content wouldn’t be the challenge, however allowing visitors to choose between different options on the Podcatcher was one of  the challenges to overcome. 

In addition, in some cases music was played with video clips,  the Podcatcher needed to synchronize the audio without interfering with the other 24 music fragments in a room.

Enhancing visitor experience is not limited to video and audio, in the exhibition visitors can interact with games and quizzes where they can choose one of multiple options.


Once the objectives were set, Piece Montee & Tijdsbeeld and Guide ID started working on getting the best solution for the staff and visitors. 

By making adjustments to Guide ID’s software, when the visitors point the audio guide player at one access information point (IDentifier) to select between two different songs, the chosen song is reproduced right away.

Many visual material like videos and images were projected on TV-screens or on the wall. Therefore, in order to synchronize this visual material with the audio, an access information point (A/V sync Identifier) was displayed in every stop of the exhibition where was required. 

Piece Montee & Tijdsbeeld created the jukebox, a box with game elements where the visitor introduces the audio guide device. A continuous connection between the audio guide and the jukebox allows the audio guide to know which song is selected by the visitor and reproduces it.

In addition, the jukebox achieves to make this exhibition more interactive by displaying on a screen different music options where the visitor selects a song. The music fragments of the exhibition are part of different games bringing an interactive experience for visitors.


Everything started with the desire of connecting exhibition visitors’ with 60 years of Flemish & Dutch music, the results have turned into improving Guide ID’s product overall.

Customized solution for the client

Working together with the client to bring a customized solution had as a result the creation of new features; the jukebox set up and software improvement to a flexible audio/video synchronization. 

New product features to meet client needs

Rik Jacques, Piece Montee & Tijdsbeeld director has expressed his experience with Guide ID:

“For this music exhibition we have used the Guide ID technology to the maximum and on all fronts. This exhibition is all experience, and we found in Guide the ideal (and affordable) partner to realize this. To call the Podcatcher an audio guide is clearly an understatement. It has become the beating heart of the exhibition”.

Easy technology for the visitor

Visitor interactive experience