Case Study

Our clients' success stories

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Faster waiting lines

The guests are excited about the shortening of the lines by about 35% and the ease of use of the new players

There is a 15% increase of guests using the audio tours ensuring that the USS Midway Museum gets across to more people, helping to strengthen their mission

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Audio tour use increase

The access to visible metrics helps them to make improvements on the tours, increasing their guests satisfaction

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Cost reduction

The implementation also had an economic impact on their operations by reducing 30% of their costs in their audio tour offering

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Increase Staff Productivity

Productivity has increased by  20% after the guides were introduced, as the staff claims that they feel more valuable and have more energy to put into their jobs.

The staff of the USS Midway Museum is also benefiting from the change.  The involvement with guests increased, making the experience even greater. 

Higher staff engagement with the guests experience

Personalized attention to guests

Higher employee satisfaction

Visitors are drawn to the players allowing the USS Midway Museum to inspire, educate and entertain their guests with the wonderful stories that the aircraft carrier has to share.

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