Case Study

Our clients' success stories

One attempted solution was the implementation of the multimedia guide. After significant time, effort and expense, this solution was replaced after only one month due to complaints from the visitors. Midway’s guests felt overwhelmed with having to deal with a much more complex guide and clearly preferred the simplicity and straight forward approach of a traditional audio guide.

After two years of dealing with these various difficulties, Guide ID’s audio tour Podcatcher came to the attention of the Director of Operations.

The Podcatcher platform provided an ideal solution for the museum’s needs. The player is a perfect size for guests to carry around the aircraft carrier, plus there is no need to input a number to hear an audio. This made it ideal for simply placing audio symbols around the ship wherever there is content without making a visitor feel overwhelmed by the volume of audio stops that is potentially available to them.

The simplicity of pointing the players at in audio symbol has been extremely popular with their guests. It works like a remote control and could not be easier or more intuitive for visitors. All this while the Midway now has much more control over their tour content along with advanced data analytics including the most popular to least popular stops onboard, how many stops people typically do, how long people are on board, whether they listen to the entire audio stop, etc. Moreover, the staff adapted very quickly to the transition.

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